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The New Bone Conduction Headphones

April 25, 2017 2 min read

Bone conduction technology might sound like a joke to a whole lot of people that are hearing this for the first time but I can authoritatively tell you it is not new, yet it is trending in the earphone/headset arena. This new bone conduction technology headphone transmit vibrations produced by a pair of small speaker-pads (what looks more like a rubber shock absorbers) strategically placed on your cheekbones with the aim of sending vibrations directly to your cochlea.

To be precise, you can find this "bone conduction technology" in present day technology in the medical technology such as cochlear implants: a tiny piece of electronic device, surgically implanted to transmit a large volume of sonic information to its listener that even mostly deaf individuals can hear and understand.

Can you imagine a relatively low cost, an external headset that can tap directly into that your cochlea - a snail shell-shaped, the spiraling portion of the human innermost ear which senses vibration and this sensed vibration is then converted into electrical signals that make its way to the brain through neurotransmitters.

A Bluetooth earphone device that weighs about 41 gram, you would feel no weight putting it on because it is almost weightless when it curls around your head. It also comes with a long lasting battery that gets you on the good for a period of about six hours or more with the generation of steady hepatic feedbacks.



Ability To Hear Outside Environment

This open ear headphones don't block your ear, as it rather leaves the ear open so you can hear and have absolute control about what's going on around you. It is the most suitable for sports such as bike riding, jogging to name a few.

Stream Music And Take Calls

This hands free headset is equipped with a built-in microphone so you can talk on the go without worries.

Enjoy Weightlessness

Weighing less than 42 grams, this headphone comes with titanium memory metal design so you can't be weighed down while enjoying this elegant device.

Slick Elegant Design

It's sleek new elegant design gives maximum comfort to user as it curls perfectly round the head with the every inches of the speaker-pad positioned directly on the front of the ear.


Awesome New Technology

With this awesome new bone conduction technology, it makes the use of headphones safer than ever before for the ear. It is an innovation to be embraced as we gently anticipate its incorporation into other useful further gadget.

The coolest part of owning this trending device has more to do with the "bone conduction" fuss. It feels just like strapping a pair of haptic gamepads to the either side of your temporomandibular joint (the point where your lower jaw meets your skull). It's strictly a device that works based on the delivery of vibration (not electrical) to a precise location on your head, thou people besides you can eavesdrop on whatever you are listening to likewise you still have control over discussion and events around you.



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Into The Wildlife

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